In an effort to help our nations first line of defense against Covid-19, FitUSA has begun manufacturing 3 types of facemasks to help in the battle.

  • Tri-Layer Fitted Mask – Comfortable moisture barrier face mask. Passed internal droplet tests.
    • Outer layer provides – Filtration, Moisture wicking, dissipates moisture; 100% micro-poly
    • Inner layer provides – Fluid block to prevent fluid from coming through or going out; non-woven poly material
    • Surface to face layer provides – Comfort and aids in additional filtration: 100% micro-poly
  • Fitted Surgery Style Mask – Designed for greater comfort when wearing for extended periods. Same great material and still 100% Washable.
  • Basic surgery style mask – 100% Polyester moisture wicking fabric allows for breathability while managing dust & moisture intake. 100% Washable.

All 3 styles are available to order ORDER FACEMASKS & PPE